Bogdanov-Belskiy Nikolay Petrovich, (1868-1945) "Crimea Landscape"1900c

Bogdanov-Belskiy Nikolay Petrovich, (1868-1945) "Crimea Landscape"1900c


Reference Number: Bogdanov-Belskiy.

Bogdanov-Belskiy Nikolay Petrovich (1868-1945) "Crimea Landscape" c1900 oil on canvas, size 38x47cm.

Nikolay Bogdanov-Belskiy wis born in Smolensk region, Russia in 1868. Studied at S. A. Rachinski,s school, Tatevo, Tver pr; in icon painting studio of Trinity-Sergey Monastery 1882-83; at Moscow College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture 1884-89; at Imperial Academy of Arts 1894-95; in private studios Paris , late 1890s. Active in St. Petersburg until 1921; Riga, Latvia, thereafter. Member of Itinerants from 1895; Kuindzhi Society from 1909. Specialised in genre paintings , especially of the education of peasant children; salon portraits; impressionist landscapes. Became an academician 1903. Became an Active Member of Academy of Arts 1914. Died in 1945.


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